A guide to selecting a tennis racket

Selecting the Right Tennis Racquet

Advanced players who are looking for more power in their game, or hit lots of topspin to keep the ball in control. Keep the table clean and away from heavy traffic i. A lighter racquet is more maneuverable and thus, a player is able to swing it faster. More experienced players will tend to choose control rackets which are head light or have the weight more evenly distributed through the racket.

Balance The balance of a racket determines how the weight is distributed. Summary For typical adult male: Colors play an important role when it comes to Pickleball sport.

The exception would be if you are a player who hits very flat and hard and uses very little spin in their game generally the tighter stringbed might be a better choice. You can zoom in and out of areas, plan routes by selecting a point anywhere and locate missions, as well as find things like clothes shops, barbers, and strip joints.

How open the racket is depends on the intensity of backspin on the ball. Along with a marginal, largely negligible increase in power there is, more importantly, increased rotational stability in a racket that has a wider racket face.

Head Size Head Size is perhaps the least well understand aspect of a tennis racket by the general public. Also, the body should face the table at a slight angle, with the right foot and shoulder slightly farther away from the endline than the left.

This time try to contact the ball directly in front of your body, and remember to keep the elbow still while the forearm and wrist move forward and down.

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Try to buy from an established table tennis dealer if possible, although this means you will likely be doing the buying over mail. Keep 8 feet of space all around the table clear of traffic or debris Make sure the lighting conditions meet practical standards see if you can reasonably track the ball in play -bad lighting can ruin a practice And finally-be anxious.

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How To Choose A Tennis Racket

The tough part is separating that out from other factors such as grip size, strings, stringbed pattern as these can all affect the feel of a racket also. Heavier backspin requires a more open racket to return over the net. Orange is the predominant color today, and many people find it easier to track the color in most lighting conditions, especially fluorescent.

Lightweight, head-heavy racquets - several years ago, Wilson discovered it was possible to make a racquet more maneuverable without reducing weight in the head. This question has been hotly debated ever since Wilson introduced their Hammer racquets back in Imparting spin on these serves should be concentrated mostly on the wrist.

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TENNISNUTS GUIDES: How to Choose a Tennis Racket. Each of the manufacturers have their own way of helping you to pick the right racket. We have simplified the decision making process for you by explaining all the jargon in simple terms.

A guide to selecting a tennis racket
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